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Throughout our long years as pioneers in the industry, we learned that with every major project we are assigned to; we are on the verge of either being made or being broken and we chose to make each job tremendously counts.

Journey of the King

The transport of the statue from Ramses Square to Giza had been in the planning since 2002. A replica had been made and was transported several weeks before the scheduled actual move along the planned route to Giza to test the proposed relocation process. 


After almost three years of different studies to ensure the safe transportation of King Ramsis Statue from down town Cairo to the New Grand Egyptian. NOSCO managed to transport the statue weighing 83 tons in addition to 70 Tons of steel frame successfully to the laydown area in the Grand Egyptian Museum.


Our journey with the king resumed again in 2018 to have it delivered safely from the lay down area up to the foundation within the Grand Egyptian Museum.

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